Blog Post 10: DiGiorno

The DiGiorno pizza is an example of failed digital-viral text because they didn’t understand the context of the WhyIStayed hashtag. Not knowing the context of a meme is similar to having someone explain a joke, the fun factor is lost. DiGiorno should have researched before they posted on social media. This is partly a reason how the meme went wrong in the first place. They most likely wanted to just make a practical joke while promoting their pizza. The words “Why I Stayed” by themselves serve no harm, but since it is referring to the video of Ray Rice beating his former fiancé, the context greatly changes. The video of the abuse spread and as a result, some may argue that DiGiorno’s lack of knowledge about the incident is a form of ignorance because they said something without knowing the full meaning. This accumulated a great amount of criticism from the public and DiGiorno had to release an apology.

One main thing that can be learned from this incident is to know the background knowledge of an event if you want to post online about it. While memes can spread and go viral “just because”, hashtags usually always have a meaning and trending ones arise from real situations. Something that people have to be careful about when posting on social media is that the internet remembers everything. If a mistake happens people will save it and can use it against the owner at any time in the future. Major companies should have a group of editors that review tweets to make sure that the messages that they send to the public are appropriate because they should be aware that they are representing themselves with each post.


Meme Creation

The genre of meme that I created was a short clip with text over it. I made a vlog for fun last year and I clipped that specific part afterwards because I thought the quick change in Shireen’s expression was funny. For this assignment, I brought up the clip and put it through an editor to add the text.

The subject matter of the text pertains to school finals. This is relevant because students in high school and above are reaching the point where they have to take their exams. A lot of memes appear as fads and if you want to get on a particular “meme train” you would have to create one while the topic is still significant, otherwise viewers will not appreciate it as much because it would be old and overused. The text matches the video well because it shows someone having a good time and then quickly displaying a face which shows seriousness/disgust. The fact that it wasn’t forced either makes the video feel natural and others can relate to it.

Since I don’t have many mainstream social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) my only option to share with others is Snapchat. This is relatively limited though because posting it on my story will only allow my friends to see it, not a larger population. In addition to this, my snapchat friends can only view it, not download it and share it with other people easily. Their only option is to message me in a separate chat and ask if I can send the video to them. There are other options that can let a wider audience see my meme through snapchat. If I post it on the campus story and it gets chosen, everyone at U of I will have a chance to see it. However, since the meme has Shireen and not me in it, I wouldn’t want to share it with people that she doesn’t know. The purpose of this meme is just for entertainment purposes. A meme gets viral if people like it and share it through their own effort. I feel that the joy of the meme diminishes a little bit if the creator openly tells viewers to share it.


Map In Class Writing

Maps can present the same information in different ways depending on the scale and format use (ex. Technological, physical). Maps can also be created to visually appeal to an audience. Technological maps can be made and edited far more efficiently than physical maps on the same scale because it is easier to fix mistakes or add more points.

Relationship between map and a space is that a map gives a label to a space. A specific location is empty because a lot of different events can occur in that area. With a map, the space can have an explicit meaning that can educate or enlighten the audience.

The different processes of gathering information and designing a map tells how the same information can be presented differently. Even if the same information is present, if the creator has a specific target audience, they can create their map in favor to that audience. For example, a creator who wants younger people to see their map might the map colorful and easy to read.

Map Proposal

For this project, we’ve decided to focus our map on the Gulf oil spill (2010) and its effects on biodiversity and surrounding coastal communities. This map will address the nearby states and cities affected and the distance/depth of the oil spill itself. We chose this topic because the Gulf spill is the most detrimental offshore oil disaster; there are still lingering effects, such as a declining local economy and wildlife endangerment. The short-term effects are important to think about as well. Eleven people were killed during the methane explosion that caused the pipelines to burst. There are many political implications as well with climate legislation, causing massive debates regarding offshore drilling across parties.

At this point, our main argument is that coastal communities and keystone species are suffering at the cost of an accidental incident. We can include the coral reefs, fish, and birds that are widely affected today. There are many insect species as well that have been in decline because of the oil spill.What this says about space, is that because of the location of the oil spill, it’s important to study how each sector has been affected as we do not know the long-term consequences for biodiversity and toxins that are affecting local communities just yet.

The medium we plan on using is pencil and paper because it is the most user-friendly option for us. By drawing out the map, we can pinpoint the regions that are mainly affected by biodiversity loss; it is also easily manipulable since we can fix any mistakes we make along the way. An affordance is different writing/drawing utensils, such as colorful pens or a Sharpie to trace our map with.

I imagine our intended audience to be citizens in affected areas and policymakers. Our audience will benefit from this map by gaining insight into the multitude of ways their communities have been impacted by the oil spill and how they will continue to be affected unless some progress is done on a larger, political scale.  It is reasonable to demand a call for political action; almost a decade has passed and politicians are still going in circles with offshore drilling policies.

This map will require research on current species being affected by the oil spill. Additionally, we want to avoid our map from having a wide array of topics because that might be overwhelming for our audience. We can get around this by narrowing down our map to a specific coastal city that is continuously being affected by the Gulf oil spill. We have doubt in our drawing abilities, so we will use a mapped out image of a coastal city and the water nearby, and then write on top of that.

Audio Project Reflection

Some affordances of sound is that it can bring a lot of different audio pieces together to create a new message. It can be cheaper to produce an audio clip rather than a video because you don’t have to worry about getting expensive equipment all the time. Even if you want to get a mic, a good quality one is relatively cheaper than the same quality camera for video recording. What it does that other modes can’t is bring out voice better. Writing is mainly text so the tone of the piece is deleted. Some people have trouble recording videos of themselves either because they can’t act well or are just nervous in front of a camera. With audio that barrier is gone.

Audio is related to space depending on where the audio is presented. At a museum, a historical audio piece maybe interpreted differently than somewhere else. We make sense of things depending on where the sounds come from. If they sound like things we’ve heard before or stuff we are unfamiliar with.

Changing audio gives me a potentially easier way to evoke a message to an audience. With audio, I can bring in different voices and music that can better convey an emotional response. Instead of saying quotes myself, I can clip in parts where the actual person is saying their quote to show the original context to the listeners. These processes show that there are many ways to get an audience to listen to what you have to say or present.

Audacity was very hard to work with. The format and layout of the program is dull to me and makes the editing process uninteresting.  iMovie and Garage band are more visually appealing and user friendly in my opinion. The writing reflection was confusing to create.

WAM and Accessibility

An example of multimodal inhospitality in class is the general discussions we have. For people that are socially awkward or have anxiety in speaking towards the whole class, it is hard for them to explain their thoughts verbally. Even though name calling is used to make sure that everyone has a fair chance to speak up, the answer won’t be as insightful as it could be because the people with these problems are forced to talk when they are not comfortable. This causes them to say something quick that, even though is somewhat relative to the topic, is not thoughtful.

A redesign that would be helpful to the class is to use a website that takes questions anonymously. At the beginning of class, everyone opens a tab to a website that uses this function and when a question is asked in a discussion, the people who are comfortable speaking up can give their input verbally. The ones who are not comfortable speaking, have the option to type their response and post it. This gives them time to bring their thoughts together and ask a question that the teacher can read aloud after there aren’t any more verbal responses. The class can then give their input on these new questions either verbally or digitally.

The reason that this design isn’t a retrofit is because it is not dated. This class is one where technology itself and the many things that it can produce are discussed and used every day. An anonymous poll website would be very fitting for a technological based class as it provides a solution without barriers to students with these disabilities. It doesn’t serve to just accommodate users because it also allows students who wish to post anonymously to take their time to develop an intuitive response. These programs allow for users to post their names if they wish on their questions but don’t have to. This isn’t just a partial solution, but a complete design that can help all students in the classroom.

10/17 Freewrite

We talked about different things related to audio to see how the process of a final clip can be altered. Basically, disruption, formatting, and glitch all play a role in making a piece that is original to the composer. Glitches, which at first glance may seem like a problem, often result in serendipities to the artist as they bring an unexpected surprise that gives a stylistic touch to the author’s work. This shows how different writing across media can be made to entertain a target audience.

Audio as a medium is something that can be listened to in a less physical way than other forms of media. Since our eyes and hands aren’t involved, we can listen to audio while doing other tasks.